Nick Brandt Inspired

Elephant Sepia

I went to a Nick Brandt exhibition in Fortitude Valley in late April.  It was put on by Source Photographica.  

To say it was inspiring is a huge understatement.  To see these extremely large prints exquisitely processed in a sepia tone of iconic African wildlife was a real privilege.  Nick Brandt sells very limited edition prints, much too rich for my blood 🙁 however it was great that this exhibition found its way to Brisbane.  I did manage to find a few scheckels to purchase his latest book.

Once home I had to view our images of African Elephants again with a view to process a shot in a similar vein to Nicks.  Whilst I appreciate that it is not even close to the images that were on display, I am happy enough with the result.  

To view and study other peoples images and great works of art form an essential part of a photographers artistic journey.


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