About eight months ago I heard about a new web site that was giving photographers the opportunity to show their work to a wider audience, one that was geared towards people displaying only their best images.  That site was 500px.  After viewing the site for several months and even getting the iPad APP for it, I decided to take the plunge and register and post a few images.

The plan is to only show our best work on the site and there is no intention to post hundreds of images.  As we currently have only three related images on the site it and its only been a few days it impossible to tell how successful the site is as a medium for broadening ones exposure, however there have been some positive comments.  I imagine it will take several months to determine if it is worth continuing.

One upside is that there is a huge amount of content being generated daily and some very talented photographers.  I haven’t followed anyone as yet but may in the future.

Here is the image that is generating the most interest.

BalloonRide Hopgood


I think this shows an interesting dynamic as the following image gained a highly commended in a prestigious international competition and as yet has not even garnered one look. Go figure??

Sentinel Hopgood


So it costs nothing and I think you should all have a look.  Please at least look at my image above 🙂 but certainly explore your favourite genres and enjoy

Our link is:  http://500px.com/ROMARimages

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