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Nothing lasts forever, especially the look of websites. As new technologies, trends, and the seemingly overwhelming importance of social media are brought to bear, websites need to change to remain relevant and modern.

Not all websites though need to be at the cutting edge. Ours is a simple site that we put together to share our images with a wider audience. Essentially, ours is an image gallery and so long as you can see images there is little reason to change, or so we thought. As internet connections are now vastly faster than before and monitor size has increased, what was once the norm is now a little old hat.

A couple of years ago I visited a friends image site and was impressed with their _Flash_ gallery. Flash mitigated to some extent the problem of people copying your images so that the projected size could be larger (it appears now though there is no safe way to guard against this). So we eventually got around to adding some Flash galleries although finding the processed older images was difficult so a complete transition to the new format stalled. There were now two problems, a different look depending on the gallery and a lengthy process to add images to an existing gallery.TwoUp

Fast Forward to the last couple of weeks. I subscribe to a Mac software video review site, screencastsonline, and as a result bought a bundle of different software titles at a mega discount. One piece of software, not my primary goal, in the bundle was Rapidweaver by Realmacsoftware, a web development tool just for the Mac. It uses theme based construction with little or no _html_ coding required. As my html skills had eroded over time due to my growing interest in photography this software presented an opportunity to revamp the site without a major investment in time.

The result is a totally new design. I have not had time to reprocess the existing images so there is still a difference in the size and quality of some images. Another issue was, as a result of feedback, that there was no way of telling if new images had been added. A NEW gallery has been added to display the latest images before they transition to established galleries.

There are a couple of glitches though. The website does not look quite as good as before on mobile devices, such as the iPad. I am working on a fix for this. Older browsers such as Microsoft’s IE7 and possibly IE8 do not show the gallery menu rendering the the site next to useless with these browsers. There is no easy fix and I am unsure if any effort to address this is worth the effort as I have no idea how widely used they still are. More investigation required.

The bottom line is the site has been revamped. Please have a look and let me know what you think. I am open to all feedback, either positive or constructive criticism, so don’t be shy.
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