Brookfield Show

We decided to go to the Brookfield Show although it was as much about giving our new cameras a test as it was about a day out.

Rosemary has the Fuji 100s and I the Olympus OM-D EM-5. Perhaps wide angle lenses were not the ideal choice, especially for the show jumping however their unobtrusiveness and light weight meant that no one paid us any mind and we could carry the cameras all day without any issue.





Both bodies were quick to lock focus and fire the shot. The images were sharp and the EVF refreshes quickly enough not to cause any concern. The Olympus occasionally took a little while to wake up although perhaps this is an unfair comparison with the high end DSLR’s I am used to.


Image Quality


Both cameras produced excellent image quality. Images were sharp, generally well exposed with good contrast and highlights and shadows controlled. We had set both to record both jpeg and raw. The jpeg’s were very good and for general photography there was little to be gained by processing the raw file.






Overall it was a very pleasant day out and the cameras were unobtrusive and generally a pleasure to use.


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