About Us

[M]ark started in photography by developing black and white prints in the darkroom at school over 40 years ago.  This hobby continued through different phases, and cameras, over the years.   The advent of affordable digital photography, and more spare time, re-ignited his passion.  The instant feedback of the digital camera together with the Internet as a vast learning repository has meant that his photography has developed more quickly.  In today’s digital age, image capture is only part of the process and as such, many hours have been spent attending workshops, reading and experimenting with post processing techniques as well as photographic.

In recent years Mark has combined his photographic passion with his love of travel and wilderness locations. Capturing the mood and essence of the landscape, and the personality and behaviour of the creatures that inhabit it, are the primary photographic subjects. The capture of one moment in time can provide an emotional connection with those that inhabit our planet with us. Mark won the inaugural subscriber competition in Australian Photography Magazine in 2006 as well as several other competitive competitions. He has lectured on photographic techniques and post processing to different organizations. He is currently a member of the Australian Photographic Society and is an Enthusiast member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

[R]osemary is a late comer in the photography field. A holiday in 2001 to National Parks in the USA and Canada with a Point and Shoot film camera showed that Rosemary had an eye for strong composition and a flair for the artistic. It was a subsequent holiday with a Digital P&S that ignited Rosemary’s first photographic passion, macro. The miniature world provided numerous photographic subjects with insects, flowers and fungus the prime targets. The progression to a full SLR system in 2006 allowed for further experimentation and a broader subject matter. Rosemary’s keen eye and a love of flowers, animals and the great outdoors has allowed her to recognise many photographic opportunities regularly overlooked by others. During hikes she can be found a significant distance behind others in the group, low to the ground, taking gorgeous images of fungus and other barely noticeable creatures. Rosemary has continued to learn the technical aspects of photography and this coupled with her strong artistic flair has enabled her to win various competitions in addition to having one of her macro flower images selected in an International Travel company’s promotional slideshow.


Rosemary and Mark formed ROMAR Images as a forum through which to share their images for friends and family as well as those interested in landscape, wildlife and travel photography under one banner.