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Each card contains images relating to a particular location or genre. Many are countries, whilst others, geographic locations, and then we have certain genre such as macro (still to come). Please click on the card image to be taken to that specific page. Enjoy!!


We travelled through Bolivia via 4x4 and buses from the Atacama Desert through to La Paz and finally exiting at Lake Titicaca. From the images you can see that Bolivia has a diverse landscape.


Eastern Canada. Taken during the autumn season of 2018. This had been on the bucket list for decades, especially Newfoundland.

New York City

A bucket list item as well. After a lifetime of seeing these locations on movies and TV shows it was satisfying to be there.


We have lived here most of our lives. A lot to choose from.


A bucket list destination if ever there was one. Images taken over two trips, one in 2009 and the other in 2012. The second trip allowed us to cross the Antarctic Circle which is not always possible by sea. Both trips were on expedition ships with minimum luxury facilities, a far cry from the current situation.


Flying into South America from Australia meant several visits to Chile, especially Santiago. It is a wonderful country with diverse locations and a rich history.


Botswana was part of our Africa trip in 2010. Initially we flew to different location in a Cessna 206 before changing to a Landcruiser. An abundance of wildlife made for a memorable trip. Africa is certainly one of those destinations where you get what you pay for, so if only planning one trip make it a good one.

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of our cloest neighbours. It is a wonderous land full of beauty and interest. It boasts every type of landscape environment, mountains, deserts, glaciers, rain forest. A must visit destination.

Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands is not a particularly easy place to visit. It does offer though a plethora of locations, basically all isolated with the exception of the capital, Stanley. Travel is either via ship or light aircraft which given the weather can be interesting to say the least. One still has to be wary of where they travel as there is still a large number of land mines left over from the war in 1982.

South Georgia

Without doubt one of the most beautiful and isolated locations on the planet. Extremely grateful that we were able to visit before it became so popular and the massive explosion of Fur Seal population. To see 300,000 breeding pair of penguins streching for as far as the eye could see was breathtaking. Is there a more lovely location than Gold Harbour, I think not.


A major bucket list location. Namibia has so much to offer. Its not just red sand dunes, although they are magnificent. A wonderful destination for wildlife and landscapes. A balloon ride over Sossusvlei at dawn followed by a champagne breakfast. It doesn't get better than that.


Argentina is a very large country that we only got to see a small part of. Most of these images were taken in Iguazu Falls from the Argentinian side and Buenos Aries with a little of Ushuaia.


Peru has an amazing number of environments and offers something for everyone. It has deserts,culture, incredible hiking and jungle plus more than I can list here. We did numerous hikes here including the Inca Trail, Colca Canyon and the Salkantay with a 5028m pass. The Tambopata Reasearch Centre offered an amazing experience of jungle wildlife. On of the best destinations on the planet.


We were lucky enough to stay with friends in Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. It is a facinating location with a lot of history. Victoria Falls is both famous and spectacular and the Zambezi that feeds it offers several adventures. Like paddling through rapids with hippos in the distance.

Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands is a facinating location. We flew into there via Quito as they are part of Ecuador. We travelled via a smallish boat to several different islands. This was where Charles Darwin visited in 1835 on the HMS Beagle during which time he formulated his theories on evolution.


Like so many other destinations, hiking in Patagonia was a major bucket list item. Patagonia is a region encompassed by both Chile and Argentina. We decided to go with a group and walk what is termed the "W". It is not the full circuit, however, it takes in the majority of the most scenic locations. Our group was fantastic, such good people, plus we were blessed with superb weather which we found out was not the norm.


Everyone has their bucket list destinations and these can change over time as one discovers new, exciting locations and new ways of visiting. For Mark, Svalbard, previously Spitzbergen, was always top of the list. Whether it was his fascination with polar exploration as a child or its remote location, polar bears or a combination, however, it was always a priority. In 2005 the dream was realized and we travelled to Svalbard and it was everything we wished for.


Norway was always a must visit destination. As a child I loved the stories of the Vikings, still do truth be told. Such a beautiful country with the fjords, glaciers and generally rugged countryside. We followed the "Norway in a Nutshell" route with the Flam railway trip a highlight.


If one loves the Viking stories then Iceland is a must. We travelled there in 2005 when it was not as popular a destination as it is now. The ring road was still unsealed for large stretches and accommodation not easy to come buy. It is a fantastic and rugged location with such a varied landscape. I loved the long single lane bridges with their numerous pullouts.